Gateway High School Prep Club

  • Offered as a winter session and spring/summer session

    ​Gateway High School Prep (Seasonal) Club is a program specifically for high school athletes that want to join a club team to help them be the best they can be for their upcoming high school seasons. Many players play one season of HS Prep Club before joining Elite Club in the spring.  HSP Club includes the club practice, league games, and local tournament opportunities. Occasionally, HSP club members will be asked to travel out of town. There are two sessions of High School Prep Club, a winter session from December - February, and a spring/summer session from April - July.  The spring/summer session also includes one of the Gateway summer camps to help them prepare for their tryouts in August. There is no High School Prep Club in the Fall because athletes are in their seasons.


  • Seasonal club practices
  • Seasonal league games
  • Some local tournament opportunities
  • Spring and summer HSP Club includes one summer camp to help prepare for the high school season

*Does not include full club uniform, however you only need a club uniform if you plan to play in Club tournaments which are optional

Learn more about Winter HS Club HERE!

View information about 2022 Spring/Summer HS Prep Coming in February. 

2019-05-19 Gateway League Champ Pics (11 of 54) (1)
2019-05-19 Gateway League Champ Pics (24 of 54) (1)
2019-05-19 Gateway League Champ Pics (18 of 54) (1)