gateway field hockey


since 1984

Gateway Field Hockey Mission

Gateway Field Hockey is proud to offer programs for beginner, intermediate, and experienced student athletes of nearly all ages. Gateway is the largest and most longstanding club in the midwest, since 1984, it has been our mission to “grow the game” while fostering a positive field hockey experience for all.

Through the teaching of strong technique, tactics, and teamwork, Gateway consistently ranks in the top ten of all club teams in the nation and cultivates an environment of excellent sportsmanship and a competitive spirit. We are highly dedicated to helping each athlete reach their individual goals built on principles of hard work, team unity, and enjoyment. Athletes from over one hundred different schools participate in Gateway programs throughout the year.

Whether it is your first time playing, you desire to grow and develop your skills, you are preparing for the high school season, or have the interest to play in college, we are here to help you along the way. Most importantly, we strive to create a club where all athletes truly enjoy and love playing the game of field hockey and have fond memories of their experience.

Core Values

  • ​Enjoyment

    At the forefront of Gateway Field Hockey is creating a fun and enjoyable team-first environment that leads to a lifelong love for field hockey through all programs and coaching.  Our club is focused on helping each individual player reach their goals as well as the team's success as a whole and the enjoyment to reach the goals of both.

  • Competitive Tradition

    Gateway Field Hockey was founded in 1984 and has been a competitive feed hockey club for 40 years.  Our goal is to strengthen and maintain a high club ranking in the country through elite level of play at tournaments, developing a strong pool of athletes within the club, and focusing on progressing technically sound athletes through a positive and constructive coaching style.

  • Respect

    Gateway Field Hockey coaches and athletes strive to always lead by example in regards to respect and sportsmanship, our coaches always find teachable moments that allow growth and leadership among our athletes.  It is our priority that our players, parents, and coaches respect the roles of each other and appreciate the importance of all parties in regards to all facets of the club, including team placement. We will always demonstrate sportsmanship and respect to the officials, coaches, and opponents.

  • Balance

    Gateway Field Hockey recognizes the importance of well rounded and balanced young athletes.  While we want field hockey to be a priority, we also know how important it is for athletes to play other sports and be involved in their schools and communities.  We provide a balanced and safe learning experience for all athletes and coaches.  We provide a variety of programs that allow for all levels of commitment.

  • Inclusivity

    Gateway Field Hockey always wants all athletes to feel a part of the Gateway family.  Whether you are a long time club member or it is your first time playing in a Gateway program, it is our goal to provide the same top-notch coaching experience for everyone.  Athletes of all levels are welcome into Gateway Field Hockey and we truly believe we have some best coaches in the country working with all Gateway athletes.