Gateway Field Hockey Club partners with the professionals at Soccer Master to provide top notch uniforms and apparel for our club athletes, parents, and fans!  All U19, U16, and U14 uniforms are Nike and U12, U10, and U8 are Augusta youth uniforms that match the Nike uniforms.  See below for what you need to order...

Who needs a uniform?

All Club members (YR Elite Club, HS Prep Club, and JR Club) are eligible to play in club tournaments.  During all club tournaments, players wear a FULL club uniform. 

Note: During Spring HS ECL - All players wear full club uniform at their games on Sundays. 

What if I am not playing in any tournaments?

While we hope that everyone in club wants to play in tournaments, we realize that not everyone is available for them.  With that being said, if you are NOT playing in any tournaments then you do not need a FULL club uniform.  

What does the full club uniform consist of?

Two tops - red and white (with name, number, and grad year on it)

Navy club skirt

Two socks - red and white 

Practice reversible jersey (required for practice)

If I am only playing league games can I still buy a uniform?

Yes, of course!  It is required for league for athletes to wear the navy club skirt or a black or navy bottom as well as red or white socks depending on who is home and away for the game.  

Many league players buy ONLY the navy skirt and the red and white socks.  

Do I need a practice reversible jersey?

All Club and Academy need to have a practice reversible (red and white) jersey.  This is different then the uniform tops, this is a reversible pinnie that is to be worn at all practices.  You can order it at the Soccer Master link above

How can I order a Harrow club backpack?

We do offer the Nike backpacks at the link above, however many girls prefer the Harrow backpacks that we specially order.  If you want to order one, please follow the details below...

  1. Email Kelly at
  2. Tell her what you want it to say on it (usually last name and #) but it can say whatever you want
  3. Venmo Kelly $65 which includes the backpack and the embroidery
  4. Kelly's venmo is KellyYates7

What about apparel for players, parents, and fans?

There are tons of sweatshirts, jackets, hats, etc. on the link above which is open to all players, parents, and fans!  It is encouraged to order this at the same time as the uniforms! 

How often does the club get new uniforms?

In an effort to keep the costs down, our club uses the same uniforms for a 3-5 years depending on availability.  This is only our second year in these uniforms.